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Purple Wool Lace Dress by Yvonne Wakabayashi

Purple Wool Lace Dress by Yvonne Wakabayashi
Wool, handcut wool, katazome stencil, fulled.

Yvonne Wakabayashi





Surface design, specifically “shibori,” applied to wearables and three-dimensional sculptural forms.

Yvonne’s heritage is reflected in her textiles; a fusion of the ancient Japanese ancestry that inspires her, combined with the new ideas and processes of the modern world that enrich her work. Yvonne credits a 1983 workshop with Hiroyuki Shindo, Indigo Master and contemporary shibori artist, in Japan, with bringing her Japanese identity to the surface. She uses silk produced in a small family mill in Gunma Prefecture in Japan that responds especially well to sculptured forms. With a traditional approach as a foundation, Yvonne has made personal adaptations to create her own unique style of art which also combines careful planning with carefree spontaneity.

Yvonne’s work has been exhibited worldwide, featured in numerous publications, and awarded many prizes.