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Serenity by Pat Crucil

Serenity by Pat Crucil, 2010
32” X 40”  Deconstructed silk screening, machine pieced and quilted.

Pat Crucil





I have always wanted to be a painter – to be able to express myself, my feelings and my moods, in a visual way. When I started to quilt, I realized that fabric was the medium that would allow me the freedom and scope I wanted, without the necessity of mixing paints and producing hard surfaces. The discovery of surface design, in which I could hand dye and paint fabric, opened up a new and exciting part of the process that is still challenging me today. Creating moods and feeling by the use of colour and textures in cloth is an on-going source of pleasure for me.

My work is mainly based on the layers found in the decaying process which I achieve by using deconstructive silk screening.