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Peach of a Pear (detail) by Linda Ingham

Peach of a Pear  (detail) by Linda Ingham, 2012
Fusible applique on cotton, hand stitched, beaded.

Linda Ingham

White Rock



After 40 years in health care as an RN and administrator, I turned to fibre art as my new passion. Retirement has allowed me to immerse myself through formal education with Gail Harker and additional ongoing workshops. I continue to develop my skills and widen my horizons.

Using fiber to convey an image, a thought, a feeling, or an event is exciting as well as challenging. Learning to dye fabric to create the exact colour/mood means I am no longer restricted by what is offered commercially. I am drawn to flowers, gardens, trees, plants and leaves, often adding three-dimensional features to draw the viewer in. I am beginning to work in series and include more hand stitching.