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Forest Reliquary by Lesley Turner

Forest Reliquary by Lesley Turner, 2014
28” X 16”  Vintage cotton table cloth, earth pigments, cotton thread, leaf skeletons, deer bones, maple tree samaras, fern spores.

Lesley Turner




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Lesley is a practicing artist and art instructor. She has a BA(Hons) 1st class in Embroidered Textiles, Middlesex University, London, UK and is an Ecological Landscape Design graduate, Gaia College, Royal Roads University, Victoria. She is a trained teacher with a BA in Geomorphology. She holds City and Guilds of London Institute certificates in embroidery and design, a University of Calgary Certificate in Visual Design and is a Master Knitter of Canada. She has exhibited across Canada, the UK, Germany and South Korea.

Lesley uses familiar domestic textiles to raise awareness of social issues.