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Strange Journeys by Jean L. Kares

Strange Journeys by Jean L. Kares, 2011
24” x 18” Mixed fabrics, paper, metal; hand dyed silk and linen, Indonesian and Chinese fabrics; shibori, screen print, and embroidery.

Jean L. Kares





Jean L. Kares is an artist and curator as well as an independent scholar, art history instructor, writer and editor. She holds a BA in Studio Art from Western Washington University and a MFA in Asian Art with a focus on China from UBC. Much of her collage-based artwork is informed by Asian art and aesthetics, with an emphasis on hand dyeing and low-tech textile-patterning techniques. Her teaching interests range from ancient tombs to contemporary art, with a particular predilection for the Song and early Qing dynasties of China and Asia’s rich textile traditions.