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Detritus by Barbara Heller

Detritus by Barbara Heller, 2013
35” X 49” Hand-woven tapestry, hand-dyed yarns, wool, cotton, rayon, silk. Image: Ted Clark

Barbara Heller

Fibre Art Studio





Barbara Heller is a passionate proponent of the art of tapestry and its place in contemporary art. She has been featured in two exhibition catalogues: Cover Ups and Revelations and Falling from Grace. Ms. Heller has organized exhibitions and symposia, written articles, given lectures, edited publications and curated exhibitions. She has represented Canada overseas and lectured on her own work and on the place of Canadian tapestry in the world. She is now a board member of the Crafts Council of B.C. and was on the American Tapestry Alliance board. She founded the B.C. Society of Tapestry Artists, a non-profit society for the promotion of tapestry, and the Canadian Tapestry Network which publishes a quarterly newsletter.