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2017 Exhibitions – September through December

Michelle Sirois-Silver – Workshirt

Closing the Loop

September 6 to 29
Britannia Art Gallery, Vancouver

Hand hooked art by Nadine Flagel, Fran Moore, Sheila Paoli and Michelle Sirois-Silver.

Lilly Thorne – Hydrangea II
Pippa Moore – Eucalyptus

Botanical Reflections – Fibre Art Network

September 6 to 30
Kamloops Arts Council, Kamloops

Touring exhibition (which began at Van Dusen Botanical Gardens, Vancouver in January) includes work by Paulette Cornish, Donna-Fay Digance, Linda Ingham, Dale MacEwan, Judi MacLeod, Pippa Moore, Terry Philips, Mardell Rampton, Lilly Thorne, Katie Stein Sather, and Patt Wilson.

Colour: A Personal Response – Sarah McLaren & Lesley Turner

September 18th to 24th, 2017
Tulista Art Gallery, Sidney
January 12 to February 10, 2017
Place des Arts, Coquitlam

Lesley’s response to each colour’s vibration is expressed through line and value explorations. Sarah’s monochromatic colour interpretation of iconic paintings are her emotional responses to the works.

Joanna Rogers with “In Memorium or The Wake of Progress”

Salt Spring National Art Prize (SSNAP) Finalist Exhibition

Mahon Hall, Ganges, Salt Spring Island
September 22 to October 21.
SDA member Joanna Rogers was one of 49 finalists for this bi-annual award . Her wrok was selected by a jury (David Garneau, Denis Longchamps and Naomi Potter) from 2160 submissions from 1227 Canadian artists. 
In Memorium or The Wake of Progress explores ideas of obsolescence and the waste produced by the consumption of the new. The panels were hand woven using cassette tape and mercerized cotton in an overshot pattern. The form was inspired by a suit of armour from the Kiribati people of Micronesia on display in the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver. Cassettes are a medium of the past, overshot patterns are out of fashion, the Kiribati people no longer create their armour. Tempus fugit.

Methinks I should know you: Jennifer Love

October 5 to 29
Gibsons Public Art Gallery, Gibsons

An exhibition of abstract textile paintings prompted by a dialogue around how memories and their gradual disappearance impact on one’s concept of self, and how one perceives and connects with someone who is gradually losing her memory. A meditation on issues of memory and selfhood, illness and sometimes, recovery. 

In Ruins: Three Artists Explore the Decline and Fall of Civilization

November 8, 2017 to January 15, 2018
Il Museo, Vancouver

A multimedia exhibition featuring
Borrowing the concept of life cycles from the natural world, as well as Edward Gibbon’s narrative on the fall of Roman Empire, three artists (Catherine Nicholls, textiles; Ally Nichols, photography; Elizabeth Harris, ceramics) engage in a multimedia exploration on the nature of decline in the environment and in civilization.