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interactive demos at ‘mended’

Visitors to 'mended' trying thier hand at mending with Catherine Nicholls
Visitors to ‘mended’ trying their hand at mending with Catherine Nicholls

Many textile artists are grateful for opportunities to share the work that we do with a wider audience, and to provide space for us to talk about our work, show insights into process and encourage people to try their hand.

mended exhibition coordinator Catherine Nicholls and Il Museo curator Angela Clarke have programmed three demo days at the gallery. The first of these was Saturday, March 21, 2015. Exhibition artists Sheila Wex, Michelle Sirois-Silver and Thomas Roach joined Catherine and Angela to demonstrate mending along side their own work.

We saw over 60 people of all ages through the gallery that day, all of whom enjoyed an opportunity to interact directly with artists. Many sat down at the table with us and were able to create a small mending project of their own using fabric scraps, threads and canvas from kits that Catherine and Anni Hunt had put together. Included in the package was printed instruction for simple stitches.

There are two more demonstration days scheduled at Il Museo:
Saturday, April 11 and Saturday, May 9 from 11-2.
Planning is underway for more demo days at other two galleries.